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  • 425 Street Name, UK, London
  • (+44) 020 7923 3536

The A-G-E project encompasses all that we aim to do:

AGEING – We treat each person as an individual regardless of their age or disability. We aim reduce isolation and  loneliness. We offer support to help older people have more control over their lives as they age.

GROWING – Expectations and attitudes of ‘growing old’ have changed.  It is important that our elders continue to have opportunities to  ‘grow’, contributing to society at large.  

ENGAGING – We encourage ownership and participation in what we do: consult, provide information and involve the community in making decisions about the service they would like

Our centre is the hub where most of our activities and services take place. 

The location is easily accessible for public transport and local shops.  The environment is supportive and homely which encourages older people to want to get out of their houses for activities whether as couples, a group or for individual attention.