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Our Services

Good Health and Wellbeing

For all older people

We provide a range of services promoting good health and wellbeing for all older people in the London Borough of Hackney.

Our centre at 39 Leswin Road, London N16 7NX is a homely environment for individuals to meet, socialise and participate in many activities.

For more information please call us on T: 020 7923 3536 or

E: info@hackneycaribbean.org.uk

Services we provide

Quote for Advocacy second page..

“When an older person has difficulty in speaking up for their rights and entitlements, we can assist by providing an Advocate to help that person speak up for themselves.”

Mental Wellbeing service

This service provides a memory group to enable social inclusion for those with memory loss, early onset and moderate dementia, reduces stigma and give

Advocacy & Outreach

Our Advocacy & outreach programme helps older people to speak up for themselves and to secure their rights.  Our Ad

Befriending service

This pilot project aims to develop and deliver a practical befriending schem

Arts for Elderly Engagement project

The Arts for Elderly Engagement project is supported by The Mercers' Company.


HCEO rely on their dedicated team of volunteers who give their free time.  We are always looking for new volunteers to join our team as we seek to de